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TST 31

Carmen GIL de ARRIBA

Tranvías en Santander. Los inicios del transporte urbano, 1846-1923

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Key Words: Urban transport, tramways, urbanization, Santander.

[ Abstract ]

This paper is a study of the historical, socio-economic and territorial framework in which urban transport in the city of Santander begins. At the same time, business strategies related to the urbanization process and the integration of new spaces are analyzed. The chosen period ranges from the second half of the XIX century to the nineteen twenties. As the inhabitants and economic activity of the population center increased, the necessity for communications within the municipality and its surroundings was highlighted. This in turn is reflected in spatial expansion. In this context, the demand for urban transport received a wide cross section of responses on the part of private developers and companies. More often than not, these answers were conditioned by property development interests. In the case of Santander, the progress of infrastructures and means of urban transport occurred essentially in connection with the expansion of the first residential and touristic activities in the holiday resort, the Sardinero. This allowed for an early incorporation into the fabric of the city and connection with the city center. Furthermore, the dynamics related to transport and access to different municipal areas were reflected on the subsequent shaping of urban areas.