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TST 10

Ioan Cuncev
Danube, a corridor from past to future

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Key words: Corridor; inland waterway transport; Danube; intermodal.

[ Abstract ]

Since ancient times the Danube was a sort of corridor that stimulated and facilitated socio-economic development, trade and mobility, a waterway of trade and civilization, which may be a lesson for new researches that should lead to the continued in development of the Danube’s natural destiny toward Europe. The Roman emperor Trajan performed a direct multimodal link (inland waterway and terrestrial) between the north area of the Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea, including the Danube. This is perhaps the first European corridor whose Eastern end (the Axios-Carasu Valley) represents the forerunner of Danube-Black Sea canal that would be built two millennia later. Nowadays the Black Sea – North Sea navigation link crosses several countries having strongly developed transport infrastructure networks. In this respect, it is necessary to promote the inter- and multi-modal abilities of the Black Sea-North Sea link, in a logistics concept.