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TST 20

José Luis Lalana Soto
Los depósitos de locomotoras en España: una visión desde el patrimonio

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Key Words: Industrial architecture, Railways, Documentary sources, Rolling stock, Industrial Heritage, Business Administration, Management.

[ Abstract ]

The heritage value of railways has been accepted for a long time, being a subject for study since the moment of its start. Even so, many of its elements are still greatly unknown. This article will focus on one of the most characteristic facilities of the railways: the locomotive sheds in the steam age.
The functional understanding is vital in order to analyze the industrial heritage, but in the case of technical railway facilities this understanding is especially complex and misinterpretation is frequent. The paper, part of a thesis in process, revises, from the point of view of industrial archeology, the functions that locomotive sheds accomplished, its main elements and its current state of conservation in Spain.