Summary - TST 14


TST 14

Ana María Mojarro Bayo
Los Archivos Portuarios Españoles y su patrimonio documental

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Key words: Port documentary heritage; spanish port system; source for the research; normalization; network of port archives.

[ Abstract ]

There is no doubt about the importance and far-reaching nature of the documentary heritage of the spanish port system, powerful engine of the national economy. The technicians of the port archives, keepers of this important bequest, are carrying out a serial of activities, in the last years, tending towards its safeguard and to get it ready for the Administration and the research. But, it is necessary that the archives have enough resources for developing these functions. Likewise, the port documentary records possess many similarities, so they are result of analogous activities and of a common legislation for its organization, which allows its normalization too, and, at the same time, it will facilitate the constitution of a network of port archives. On the other hand, we have to stand out that it is inferred of the study of their documentary series the enormous interest of the port records like source for the scientific research in matters like the commerce, the industry, the transport, the engineering, the social, economic, political, analysis.