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TST 14

Arturo Grunstein Dickter
Perspectivas generales sobre el problema laboral de los Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México en la posrevolución, 1920-1935

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Key words: Railroads in post-revolutionary Mexico; Railroad management and labor policies; Railroad Unions.

[ Abstract ]

This article deals with the origins of the intricate problem of work on the Mexican National Railways (FNM) and its evolution during the first stage of the post revolution (c.1920-1935). The analysis concentrates on the way in which a group of middle ranking government civil servants, as well as technical staff and professional administrators (mainly managers, executives and managing directors) at the company tackled the problems of the FNM, particularly labour related matters. As well as identifying the coincidences, controversies and confrontations that occurred between them, it explains the reasons why their different proposals were frustrated through the failure to reach an agreement that was not only feasible in technical and economic terms, but which also had enough support from the various interests involved.