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TST 12

María Luisa Andrés Uroz
La documentación sobre ferrocarriles en el Archivo Histórico Provincial de Almería. Estudio y descripción

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Key words: Railway; Almería; projects; files; expropiation; mining.

[ Abstract ]

The Public Work collection in Almeria, office of the Ministry, in the section of Railroads, has an important volume of documentation referred to the construction of the railway lines in this province. It has 508 boxes that lodge 3768 documentary units. The chronology includes from 1852 to 1983. Within this collection it is the section of Railroads with 76 units that go from 1887 to 1940. The majority documentation is the one of projects of construction and files of expropriation. These were generated necessarily for the construction of the different lines and cables with the primary target to give service to the export of minerals.