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TST 12

Luis Javier Coronas Vida
Los proyectos de tranvías urbanos en Burgos, 1892-1926. Un adelanto que ya poseían capitales de menor importancia

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Key words: Tramways; public utilities; modernization; local financing.

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They are studied three projects for the construction of small urban tram networks in the city of Burgos, although none of them ever came to fruition. In all three cases, the proposals were devised by engineers from outside the city, although the definitive problem was the financing of the tram company. The first two projects involved animal traction, whereas the last one would have run on electricity. The first, proposed by José Alcover, dates back to 1892; the route ran from east to west across the city, following its main thoroughfares, and at a certain point a tramway branched off towards the railway station. The second project, put forward by Juan Amigó, dates back to 1900. Its route traced out a similar network, although it was planned on both sides of the river Arlanzón and serviced a larger zone in the city centre. The third (1915) penetrated further into the historic centre and into the south of the city, and the tramway extended to the Monastery of “las Huelgas”. This last project, being the most detailed found to date, was presented by Juan Ledesma.