Summary - TST 2



Domingo Cuéllar Villar
Política de obras públicas y políticas liberales. El Ministerio de Fomento (1851-1874)

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[ Abstract ]

In the following lines it is outlined a general view of the creation of a ministerial department which assignment would be providing for the spanish economy a set of infrastructures that constituted the starting point to the modernization of the State. The set of economic services that are grouped around the meaning name of Promotion Ministry would have as principal performance centres public works, agriculture and trade, and public instruction. Lacking the liberal State of the planning of the Ancient Regime, it will try to face, with evident resources precariousness, such a great attempt. Public works, as economic infrastructures of great relevancy, and, furthermore, which were constituting the most important budgetary paragraph of the ministry, will centre our analysis. The huge legislating wealth of each one of the paragraphs will regulate the performances that will be realized in highways, railways, hydraulic works and ports, and the different importance that will have the privated sector in the accomplishment of these infrastructures.