Summary - TST 34


TST 34

Armando ORTUÑO y Jairo CASARES

History of the regional railways in the Valencian Community: a territorial view


[ Abstract ]

This paper analyzes the territorial impact of the rail network in the Valencian Community, especially narrow gauge railways. This network was a consequence of the needs of a society in continuous expansion and the inequalities provoked by the first expansion of the Iberian gauge railway, whose layout was far from adapting to the demands of the Valencian interior market. The scope of study covers the period between the mid-nineteenth century and the present stage, emphasizing the role played by public operators, FEVE and FGV, in the development of narrow-gauge railways in the last decades. Finally, urban interventions will be proposed to enhance the opportunities that FGV network can offer in the medium-long term to promote the use of public transport and other sustainable modes of transport.