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TST 29

Verónica L. CÁCERES

Los orígenes y evolución de los servicios de agua y saneamiento en la provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina (1883-1973)

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Key Words: State, public policy, water and sanitation, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

[ Abstract ]

The main purpose of this paper is to characterize the biases that the state intervention took in the provision of potable water and sanitation in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, during 1882-1973.

Since the late nineteenth century, the provincial government intervened actively in the provision of potable water and sanitation through the establishment of regulatory and institutional arrangements through which, on the one hand, the partial aspects of the sector were regulated and on the other hand the services in a significant part of the territory were provided.

So the evolution of services, before the creation of Obras Sanitarias de la Provincia de Buenos Aires in 1973, has two distinguishable stages: one of incipient institucionalization of services (1882-1913) and another of provision consolidation (1913-1973).