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TST 29


Giovanni Montemartini, concejal de los servicios tecnológicos del Ayuntamiento de Roma en la junta Nathan (1907-1912)

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Key Words: Municipalization, local government, services, technology.

[ Abstract ]

When Rome became the capital of Italy, its administration was a difficult problem and the Italian State had to issue several “special” laws to contribute to the development of the necessary works for the modernization of the city. After 1871 the number of inhabitants grew considerably, but the Roman economy remained a traditional one relying mainly on the building sectors. This caused strong speculative tensions that the State government tried to control imposing the elaboration of an urban plan. In 1909 the Sanjust Plan was approved. According to it, the city had to go through a great expansion and new areas for low income workers had to be built. This created relevant tensions in the offer of public utilities like gas, electricity and transport. In 1907 Ernesto Nathan had been elected mayor of Rome and Giovanni Montemartini was appointed to the technological services. Both strongly tried to create new municipalized enterprises to increase the offer of public utilities and reduce its prices. They achieved some important results, but they could not fulfill the electoral program of the Blocco Democratico.