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TST 10

Juan Hernández Andreu
La andadura española hacia los corredores del transporte europeo

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Key words:  Spain; Europe; Transport; corridor

[ Abstract ]

This work attend to the structure of the different manners of transport in Spain, then to the impact of the Spanish integration in the European Union over the legal measures adopted in Spain about the transport sector and finally this work expose a valuation of the effect of these measures in what concerns the corridors of transport with Europe. It is correct to emphasize the high importance of the directives of the European Union in the performance of plans of modernization of highways in Spain, particularly by means of the subvention of bottoms to this end. The predominance of the highways is significant on other means of transport. In relation to the corridors of transport with Europe, the balance is positive, though the topic is dependent on major practical definitions. The legislation in the matter in Spain gathers punctually the European directives. Economic studies exist for the intermodal transport, very small in number, but correct; the practical results referred to the corridor to France, the more advanced is the transport by road; nevertheless, the railroad APT is advancing in construction. The corridors air and maritime are orientated well, but they need major definition. The last constructions in Spain of lines of APT are also excellent that they will facilitate more the access to Europe. In hipothesis, the European network of transport and, therefore, Spanish network will be the instrument of the economic recovery of the continent in century XXI.