Summary - TST 9



Francisco Franco Sánchez
La caminería en al-andalus (ss. VIII-XV J.C.): Consideraciones metodológicas, históricas y administrativas para su estudio

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Key words: Routes; ways; castles; fortresses; defensive systems; Al-Andalus (ss. VIII-XV); arabic toponymy.

[ Abstract ]

This study is a synthesis of the last contributions about the routes in al-Andalus (8th-15th cent.), whose initial structure is inheritance of the Roman times. Given the limitations that impose the shortage of references that we found in the Arab sources and the few well-known road rest, it becomes necessary to use a new methodology of research: The roads are studied not only, but all the elements related to they, considered in globally and named as "road spaces". There is presented the indissoluble relation of the "road spaces" with the castles and towers ("spaces of control and defense") in al-Andalus -as the controllers of the routes- and is enunciated the related Arabic toponymy so much by the "road spaces" and by the "spaces of control and defense". There is gathered the information that the diverse Arabic chronicles provide to us about the road policy in al-Andalus throughout the time, as well as who was the person in charge of guarding by the good state of the road sections.